Taxi SOS - one of the leading taxi services through the mobile app, website or operator.

SOS The company was founded in 1995. It is a well-known brand, which is already working in the market for over 20 years. In 1996 was organized by the club SOS system to assist motorists services, offering substantial discounts to members of SOS autoclub on services such as roadside assistance, evacuation, as well as the obtaining of fuel for the club at a discount at many gas stations in Riga and beyond .

Since 1997, SOS LTD has initiated the organization TAXI services under the brand TAXI SOS. In 1999, SOS LTD registered trademark of "SOS" in the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia under number № M45593, later was used both by the SOS LTD and its many partners.

Since 2016 started new projects, self-service car wash (their construction and maintenance), as well as the recommendations of SOS LTD created special products in the field of TAXI service, in particular the possibility of a trip from anywhere in the Riga Airport to the TAXI SOS only 3 EUR. This service can be arranged at our home page www.sos.lv
By using the most innovative technologies we offer a high quality service at affordable prices, and the different ways of ordering a taxi (app dispatching, site) make our service as convenient as possible for customers.

From the first days of Taxi SOS should be rigid principles. The most important of them - honesty. Around this principle, the company creates the best conditions for customers and drivers, guaranteeing fair prices, the implementation of all commitments and adherence to the rules of a transparent business.
TAXI SOS! We are always there!