Terms and conditions

Public Terms customers who want to use taxi service

1. General Provisions

1.1. Ltd. "RACERS" (Reg.NR.40103295942) official offer to use dispatcher and carrier services attributable to any individual (hereinafter referred to as the Customer), considered to be on your website, which includes all the essential rules governing the circulation of information provision is subject, the Customer providing the vehicle.
1.2. On the basis of the transport license № DS-16-223-alc, this document is considered to be on your website. Customer, by accepting this on your website, agree to its terms, the adoption of this on your website as a whole and unconditionally implement the order and payment of passenger service, in accordance with the conditions of the offer in public.
1.3. According to this, the vehicle Booking considered as, an offer acceptance. This, in turn, equivalent to entering into a contract on the basis of these conditions, an offer of service, which is published in the official website www.sos.lv
1.4. Public offering of the terms used:
1.4.1. Dispatcher service - Legal person LTD "RACERS" that performs the following functions: accepting applications from natural and legal persons (customers) of the transport service (processes the order and enters the information in the electronic online database); provides service providers (transport) with access to information about orders. Dispatcher service is not regarded as a carrier for exactly how does transport services, but rather serves as an intermediary between customers and performers (Carriers).
1.4.2. Customer - a natural or legal person (authorized persons) who orders passenger services, baggage (including hand baggage) transport within the destination, as well as delivery of entrusted property to the person entitled to the specified destination.
1.4.3. The carrier - a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, what with LTD "RACERS" contractually linked; by LTD "RACERS 'duly informed of incoming orders and who assumes liability for the carriage of passengers, baggage (including hand baggage) transport within the destination, as well as delivery of entrusted property to the person entitled to the specified destination.
1.4.4. Client Personal Cabinet - a virtual page in the official LTD "SOS" on the website (www.sos.lv) containing statistical information on the volume of services provided and the customer's account balance status.
1.4.5. Virtual bill and Client Personal Cabinet - information placement website www.sos.lv (to which access is possible only by an identification number and password is entered) for incoming prepayments, accrued bonuses for the movement of funds - deducted (written off) from the account as payment for carrier services provided, as well as infringement.
1.4.6. Account balance - the difference between a certain time period monetary deposit account and the costs that have been made before expiry of the period.
1.4.7. The advance payment for services - Customer monetary deposit LTD. "RACERS" current account, which had been paid in any way (including through payment terminals, electronic cash form, etc.) prior to shipment receipt of the service, and which is further directed to the Customer's account balance as a supplement .
1.4.8. Cash write-off from the account - LTD "RACERS" funds that have been received as the Customer advance payments and bonuses, write off the company's account for the benefit of carriers as payment for their services, as well as settlement of the accumulated violations.
1.4.9. Dispatch center services - transportation applications (orders) the adoption of the Order, their processing and placement of information received in the electronic online database to ensure Artists (transport) with the necessary information on incoming orders.
1.4.10. Carrier services - passenger transport, cargo (including hand baggage) delivery to the specified destination, as well as property entrusted to their delivery to the person entitled the specified destination. With the rules governing the dispatcher service activities related to binding information for Carriers are available LTD. "RACERS 'official website www.sos.lv (http://www.sos.lv/docs/oferta.html), or by calling on 67 3333333
1.4.11. Passenger - natural person whose services are implemented in accordance with the received transport orders.
1.4.12. Luggage - the passenger's property (estate), which are carried together with a passenger in a taxi.
1.4.13. Route - the path of the vehicle measured from the departure point to the destination, subject to the conditions of transport order.

2. Offer subject

2.1. Dispatcher service, subject to a binding agreement, undertake to accept, process and pass on the carrier information on Transportation orders arrival of the customers, in the order and time to those specified transport orders (hereinafter - the Order), while the Customer undertakes to pay for transportation services in accordance with the carrier's tariffs and, in some cases - according to the special offers that can be found on the website www.sos.lv and attributable to the current contract pricing.
2.2. Applications from the Client Dispatcher Service shall take over the phone 67 3333333 or online -oficiālajā website www.sos.lv or with the official mobile attachment, such as "TAXISOS", through which can be found on mobile Annexes to Google Play or the App Store.
2.3. Transport community based services are indicated on the website as well as at www.sos.lv LTD. "RACERS" transport partners. The Parties agree that before the acceptance of the Offer, the Purchaser has read and agrees to transport tariffs, as well as the conditions of carriage set out in the Annex to this offer website www.sos.lv agree and understand the Terms of Service, read the standard contract concluded between dispatcher services and Hauliers, which includes information on the distribution of responsibilities between the dispatcher and the carrier services, fulfilling the Client's services. The above documents are freely available to the LTD "SOS" on the website www.sos.lv.
2.4. The Parties agree and agrees that a movement order receipt from the Customer (Customer), implies full unconditional acceptance of the offer in public, as well as the fact that the Customer (Customer) fully agrees with this on your website, Transportation Terms and Conditions which can be read on the website www.sos .com, and also the fact that the Customer agrees to service tariffs published on the website www.sos.lv.
2.5. Public acceptance of the offer the customer gets, to comply with any of the following: When transportation services orders by phone 67 3333333; For carriage in order palkalpojumu website www.sos.lv by orders of transportation services through mobile applications, making orders to the representative of a separate unit, as well as carrying out similar words unspecified activities.
2.6. Another payment for services not included in the basic price list is determined by the two parties by mutual agreement.
2.7. Telephone conversations between the dispatcher service employees and customers can be recorded for quality of service performance appraisal and promotion purposes, and to ensure that SIA "RACERS" internal control activities and also to follow the order execution quality.
2.8. Collecting and processing personal data of the Customer, Dispatcher Service is guided by the "Personal Data Protection Law", which came into force on 20.04.2000., As well as rehabilitation after the public the offer of 10 laid down in the order in which are collected and processed by the Customer personal data.
2.9. All information materials that can be found in the official website has informative character and they can not reflect the full extent and put the true information about the specific service indicators. If you have any questions to the Customer in connection with the peculiarities of the service before the order placement for him to ask advice LTD. "RACERS" specialist on the phone specified in the public offering in paragraph No. 2.2.

3. Obligations of the Parties

3.1. Customer undertakes:
3.1.1. Carry out the shipment of orders (applications) dispatcher service within a reasonable time before the start of transport services to carrier are able to supply in a timely manner the Truck Transportation service starting point. The order must contain the following information: Client's phone number; driving charge (economic, comfort, business class, executive of the city, in addition, the tariff for travel to airports, railway stations u.t.t.); Place (address) and the preferred automobile of driving time; the passenger's name and destination (route end address); number of passengers; information about the existence of the luggage and its dimensions; warning of additional service provision and need for their characteristics. In case you need additional service is a child seat provision, intended to facilitate the transport of up to 12 years of age, the Customer must inform the dispatcher service employee, when performing a movement order. Child seat procurement can also provide the same Customer (Client) or at his request, the carrier may provide for a separate fee. In addition, the child seat in the car carrier to service execution starting point is provided only if the Customer about it prematurely has informed the dispatcher service personnel during transport service orders. Transport of animals without adult accompaniment is prohibited.
3.1.2. Once the Customer has received the phone message, she is obliged to become acquainted with its contents, to verify whether a movement custom parameters are correctly entered into the database (these are listed in the public offeree point No. 3.1.1.), And if it finds irregularities , immediately notify the dispatcher service telephone number indicated in the public offer with no point. 2.2., So that the information can be corrected. If the Customer fails to comply with the obligations referred to in this paragraph, any claim of incorrect execution of the order dispatcher service can be submitted, in which case the whole responsibility for the incorrect execution of the order and the possible consequences rests with the Customer's shoulders.
3.1.3. To follow up on the execution of the order; information on the execution of the service can be obtained at any time (round the clock) by phones specified in the public offering in paragraph No. 2.2.
3.1.4. Operatively and in a timely manner (meaning even before joining the service performance - car driveway) to inform the dispatcher service of any order changes.
3.1.5. Are supplied to car cleanliness and order, sanitary-hygienic norms; car to consume alcoholic beverages and foods is prohibited. In case the car is damaged (apskādēta), the Customer is obliged to pay for damage to the Supplier (including the cost of repairing damage) if the damage incurred by the Customer due to the fault or in cases where the Customer shall be liable as provided by law or under this public offer .
3.1.6. Use the covered vehicle only passengers and baggage (the baggage unaccompanied by the passenger), the number of passengers must not exceed the permitted number of seats a particular vehicle.
3.1.7. At their own expense to make the payment of parking fees at the existing tariffs for use of the vehicle (airports, railway satacijās, hotels, etc.). Tariffs would pay parking in no way dependent on a movement of the service provider or dispatcher service.
3.1.8. To pay additional costs for baggage in case the luggage compartment is not enough space (does not apply to hand luggage).
3.1.9. Take the Transportation charges for carrier at a time and in the amount laid down in the contract, handing the driver, who carried out the transport service, cash in person; in case of Customer Services settled with a payment card, the service provided by the total costs will be deducted from the Customer's account after completion of the order. Each trip payment amount is calculated on the basis of existing tariffs, taking into account actually spent in the order execution time, kilometers traveled and routes taken, if such additional provisions in tariffs, in accordance with existing tariffs.
3.1.10. Pay car carrier waiting time from arrival at the location specified (Customer specified address) from 11.gaidīšanas minutes according to the time tariff. In addition, the Customer may be given free minutes of standby order to come up to the car, taking into account the order of tariffs. Free waiting time starts to count, either from the moment the Customer Service Dispatcher sends a text message to a cell phone or calling shall be informed of the fact that the car has come to the specified address, in accordance with the custom parameters.
3.1.11. To pay a penalty for abandonment of the Order, if the refusal to accept less than 20 minutes before the commencement of service time Customer at the address indicated, or if the refusal is received after the arrival of the car the Client at the address indicated in the amount corresponding to the minimum drive Pasūtjumam payable to the applicable tariff. Money penalty payment Dispatch service unilaterally written off from the Customer's account, including without Client's consent. Fines amount is debited from the Customer's account in any case, even if the account balance is negative.
3.1.12. To comply with other obligations under the current contract.
3.2. At the end of each trip, the Customer who uses the service has the right:
- To demand from the carrier transport present a receipt confirming the fact of service: time, payments for services rendered;
- Report on the non-compliant Lead Dispatcher service on the phone, as shown in the above oferta No. 2.2., Or in electronic form to the e-mail address (the address is located on the website www.sos.lv "Contacts").
3.3. Dispatcher service will:
3.3.1. Take orders, according to the offeree points 2.1 to 2.2., To place an order presentation and pass on information to the carrier Customer further passenger services after the implementation of the Customer's request.
3.3.2. Timely launch of the provision of Services in accordance with this paragraph, an offer no. 2.1., Immediately after receiving the order, the order parameter to provide input in the information system, strictly adhering to the Client's words, if the order has been accepted by telephone. In the case of an order made "online" mode of entry of parameters pecīzu full responsibility of the Customer.
3.3.3. Create all necessary conditions for the transport in time to receive the order information to ensure the execution of the order the Customer within the time specified, as well as to ensure a continuous and smooth operation of information systems. The control of information access to suppliers who are authorized to carry passengers and baggage with passenger taxis, ensuring continuously.
3.3.4. In due time to restore the balance of the state of data in the Customer's account, if the Customer has made advance payments.
3.3.5. We are arranging for their timely need to look at the official website located www.sos.lv information and its changes. In addition, tariffs and service charges (including increased fees for services) changes Dispatch Service is entitled to carry out unilaterally.
3.3.6. Inform passengers, which is the size of baggage in excess of the amount determined in accordance with the RL law, the conditions for shipment aligned separately with the carrier.
3.3.7. Show a willingness to cooperate and the negotiated settlement of the conflict in the event of a conflict broke out between the Parties; in any situation - if a conflict broke out between the carrier and the Customer, if the Customer received complaints about the carrier or if the carrier received complaints about the Customer. After an internal investigation Dispatch Service has the right to penalize either the carrier or the Customer (depending on the fault). Fine Dispatcher Service shall determine an individual, but this should not be more than a one-time fee for the holiday booked, according to the orders in accordance with the tariff.
3.3.8. When the Client's personal data collection and processing, guided by the "Personal Data Protection Law", which came into force from 20.04.2000. As well as to comply with Clause 10 of this agreement set kārītbu, collecting and processing personal data.
3.4. Dispatcher Service has the right to:
3.4.1. In a timely manner within 30 minutes of Customer's receipt of the order, confirm the order receive a text message on the Client's mobile phone. Short message shall contain information on the brand of the car, the state license plate, driver's name and phone number, as well as automobile driveway time and place. After the carrier car driveway Customer specified location, Dispatch Service Customer sends a text message to a mobile phone or a telephone call and inform them of the fact that the car is reaching the entrance. In case the Customer does not receive a text message or a call from the dispatcher service operator with above mentioned information on their phone or via the Annex "TAXISOS" through (including receiving the first message, confirming that the order has been accepted Dispatch Service for further processing), Customer is obliged to pay attention and make sure that if she Booking dispatcher service has been received and whether it is transmitted carrier for execution. Inquire about order status can by calling the dispatcher service telephone number indicated in this paragraph oferta No. 2.2. Said texting is a dispatcher service voluntary and can not be regarded as an obligation.
3.4.2. Customer refuse the shipment acceptance of the order in case a customer does not agree with the transport conditions and tariffs set out in this contract, without explanation. It is also the right to refuse to accept the customer's order, if the Customer systematically or intentionally violate the rules of transportation services that dispatcher service difficulty organizing their work properly.
3.4.3. In the event of an unexpected situation and the carrier can not provide transportation services or the carrier can not guarantee the service performance of the Client within the specified time (time specified in the Customer's order), about the Customer may be informed either by phone or by sending a text message on the Client's mobile phone. In addition, the transfer of information to the Customer can not be regarded as a minimum and it is a voluntary choice for dispatcher service.
3.4.4. In the event that the vehicle caused technical damage during transport when ordering the vehicle as soon as possible to be replaced by another, in addition, another vehicle waiting time Client does not pay.
3.4.5. Changes in these conditions, an offer can be made, taking into account the performance of services of technology development and evolution. These changes take effect after five calendar days from the date notice of the change has been housed in the official website www.sos.lv section "Terms and Conditions".

4. Payment procedures

4.1. Customer of the carrier operating the passenger and baggage transport services settled as follows:
- The form of cash, transferring cash directly to the carrier (driver) in the hands of a movement immediately after the execution of the service (immediately after arrival at the destination indicated);
- By the payment of LTD "RACERS" current account, followed by a cash transfer to the Customer's account. In this case, the funds from the Client's account is deducted immediately after the order execution;
- When paying by electronic means;
- Paying with a payment card online at www.sos.lv
4.2. Payment size for the provision of transport services is determined on the basis of LTD "RACERS" and other carriers licensed approved and existing tariffs pasūtīuma moment. In addition, rates are specially coordinated agreement between the parties, but it is assumed that the Customer has read and agrees to the applicable tariffs.
4.3. Paying the form of cash, the Customer has no right to withhold any amount of money as compensation to delete the Client's claims against the carrier or dispatcher service work. To the customer to pay for transportation services received in full, according to the existing tariffs and the customer has a right to inform the dispatcher service of their claims that oferta 3.2. above to the.
4.4. Dispatcher Service and Customer Billing takes place after the agreed prices (fares).
4.5. Passenger service execution the fact is a detailed listing trips Dispatch Service website Customer (Customer) of your own office.

5. Liability of the Parties

5.1. Incomplete fulfillment of their obligations Parties are responsible under the existing oferta and Latvian legislation.
5.2. In the event of order execution is not possible Client or fault of the passenger, as well as cases where the order of the contracting parties was canceled less than twenty (20) minutes before the vehicle driveway Client specified address or by vehicle driveway specified address Dispatcher Service reserves the right to apply to the Customer fines toll on the order of the trip, according to the orders in accordance with the tariff. Customer fines can be paid either immediately after cars arrival at the address indicated by transferring funds directly to the hands of the carrier (driver) or in the form of the dispatcher service unilaterally write off a particular sum of money from the Customer's account, which in turn reduces the Client's funds or accumulated bonus (bonuses are accumulated after Movement ordering) the extent kontā.Gadījumā Customer if the Customer's account are cash or bonus points, the fine amount is reflected in the Customer's account balance. While the fine is not paid, can not use the Customer and Orders of transportation services from him are not accepted.
5.3. Dispatcher service is responsible for meeting its obligations as described in the offeree points 2.1 to 2.2., Improper performance:
- If the order information entered inadequate to what is called Customer (such as incorrectly entered the address, the vehicle of driving time, etc.).
- About it, if the Carrier is not given access to the on-line system that contains information on incoming orders;
- That the failure to ensure a continuous and smooth operation of information systems;
In view of the above, as force majeure is considered a power supply rupture as a result of the electricity supply companies fault, communication rupture with satellite transmitters, internet malfunctions, as well as other technical problems arising independently of the dispatcher service action or inaction.
Dispatcher service does not bear any responsibility in cases where its activities wholly or in part, if it is changed technical equipment, program security, or in cases where the dispatcher service activities
necessary for a while to stop for inspection, repair or preventive measures, systems operation and maintenance of the agenda, giving an advance notice to the customer's website www.sos.lv through placing relevant information website under "News".
Dispatcher service shall not be liable in cases where the messages do not come in a timely manner to customers, how much of the message delivery to responsible third parties - mobile phone operators, whose activities are in no way subject to the dispatcher service.
In cases where the dispatcher service has not performed his duties at his own fault, the Customer has the right to turn to third parties in order to receive transportation services, and Dispatch Department in this case undertakes to compensate third-party service kept within reasonable bounds. In addition, the amount of the refund may not exceed twice the amount of the payment order, as it would be if use Customer Dispatcher Service posted Carrier after the applicable tariffs. To obtain a refund, the customer is obliged to present dispatcher service of the executed checks, receipts or other documents attesting to the amount of expenses, otherwise the Customer specified expenses are not reimbursed.
In case if Customer has received on your cell phone text message from the dispatcher service that contains incorrect information, and in addition has not fulfilled its obligation, as described in the offeree 3.1.2. point, that is, do not read the message content and is not informed of the discrepancy and request it to eliminate dispatcher service over the phone, dispatching service in front of Client bears any liability.
From the moment the carrier service is booked by the customer (as evidenced by the order on-line information system), the carrier shall be fully responsible for the proper execution of orders for carriage in front of the Client. Carrier's confirmation that the order has been accepted, it is confirmed by text message, the carrier sends to the Customer; message specify: car make, car's registration number, driver's name and driver phone number.
In the event that a particular carrier who has accepted the order is not delivered in a timely manner or the vehicle is withdrawn from the completion of the order, dispatching service from the carrier Account deducted funds in the form of fines and the funds credited to the customer's account. The fine is calculated in a single payment of the amount which would have been calculated for the specified order, according to the existing tariffs.
5.4. In case the dispatcher service of its work is carried out in good faith, he has placed an on-line system of accurate information about the order, provided the carrier access to order information, but the carrier has not consented Pasūtījumaizpildei (The carrier has not confirmed receipt of the order and has not given the approval of its execution) or Dispatcher service nor the Client front carrier does not bear any liability and claims by the customer are not accepted. In this case - Dispatch Service Customer not sent a text message to the phone number indicated by him, giving information about the car make, car's registration number, driver's name and driver's phone number, which means that the order of the carrier has not been accepted.
5.5. Information on the division of responsibility between control authorities and the carriers, as well as the dispatch center part of the delegation of responsibilities Carriers placed on the website www.sos.lv. This information is also included in the standard contract concluded between the dispatch center and the carrier, and the Rules of Order execution.
5.6. Customer is responsible for meeting its obligations in accordance with Latvian legislation.

5.7. If client paid for the service and to supply the agreed time TAXI, one hour reports that he refuses services, the money must be returned to his bank account on his request!
5.8.If  client after the  TAXI ordered time refused or did not use the service the customer advance payment will not be refunded.

6. Force-Major

6.1. Parties shall be released from responsibility for partial or complete failure to fulfill its obligation in the case of failure to fulfill obligations due to force majeure due to (Force-Major), including public authorities
issued as a result of legislation that hinder or prevent compliance with the Treaty provisions. Cases of force majeure are considered the conditions which occurred after the conclusion of the moment, having an extraordinary nature and are in no way have been foreseen under normal everyday conditions. About Force-Major conditions are also considered accidents involving carrier vehicles as towards the completion of the order starting point, as well as during the execution of the order. If the vehicle gets into a car accident, towards the completion of the order starting point, set out the facts deemed to be Force-Major, not the carrier or dispatcher service in front of the customer and do not bear any liability in this case the Payment Order is not performed. If the carrier Vehicle gets in a traffic accident during the execution of the order, the Purchaser shall be exempt from payment of transportation service.
6.2. Party, which he Force-Major circumstances that prevent compliance with obligations under the contract, three (3) calendar days shall notify the other Party of the above-mentioned occurrence of circumstances.

7. Settlement of Disputes

7.1. All disputes, disagreements and claims that may arise between the Parties to this Agreement the course of or in connection with it, including breach of contract, breach of contract or invalidity of issues need to be addressed through negotiations. Dispute has arisen in the case to proceed according to the complaint and the claim settlement procedure. The claim must be submitted to the other Party in writing.
The claim should be examined and must reply within 30 days of its receipt.
7.2. In the event that this Agreement 7.1. as specified under item disputes, disagreements and claims can not be artisinātas negotiation, they are transferred to a court in accordance with Latvian law.

8. oferta duration

8.1. The offer conditions shall enter into force at the time when dispatch center has received the Customer's order in accordance with a movement of the offeree guidelines, and is in effect until the Parties concerned as soon as the Order is fully complied with its obligations.

9. Special provisions

9.1. Given a movement order, carrier into the full possession of the Client, in addition, the carrier is responsible for the execution of the order, as well as the Customer's instruction execution, provided that such instructions are not contrary to the rules of the road, traffic regulations and other laws and regulations. In the event that the Customer's instructions the execution of carrier shall apply penalties or loss, then the penalty and loss relief is fully borne by the customer in accordance with Latvian law.
9.2. The carrier assumes full responsibility for the Customer, the passenger or luggage damage caused only if the accident occurred, the carrier in violation of traffic rules.
9.3. By agreeing to these conditions, an offer in the form in which they are served, Customer agrees to receive advertising information-based media, where such advertising placement is provided for and allowed Latvian laws related to advertising placement.
9.4. If the provisions of the Treaty violated the Customer (Customer) Dispatch Service has the right to unilaterally (without the Client's consent) to suspend the provision of Services Transportation orders execution.
9.5. All this Agreement (on your website) changes in force in the event that they are issued in writing and published on the website www.sos.lv. If necessary, the parties may send each other written reports relating to the implementation of this Agreement, in the form of a fax via telephone device with satrpniecību telegraph and other means of written communication. No oral agreement between the parties can not be considered as a basis for changing the terms of this Agreement.
9.6. Everything that is not stipulated in this Agreement will be governed by Latvian law.

10. Personal data

10.1.Īstenojot transportation services, Customer agrees that are collected and processed personal data that are necessary to be able to be implemented in the conditions of the offer.
10.2. Dispatcher Service takes and processes the Client's personal data (name, phone number, adrtese) to be adopted under this oferta conditions.
10.3. Collecting and processing of Customer's personal data, dispatcher service do not expose this data for any other purposes than the offeree 10.2. set out in point.
10.4. Access to the customer's personal data goes only to those persons who are directly involved in the transport order execution.

11. Copyright

11.1. All text and graphic information located on the website www.sos.lv, Ltd. is regarded as LTD "RACERS" property, and copy any information from this website may only with LTD "RACERS”permission.
12. Confidentiality
All commercial, financial and other information provided by the Parties shall provide each other with the performance of the contract due, it shall be considered as strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties.